The Sunny Shadows Difference

Why buy from us ?
We'll admit that there is just nothing like the comfort provided by quality log furniture. Here at Sunny Shadows, we still make our furniture by hand with old world craftsmanship, a difference that is easily noticable. We specialize in "real" rustic furniture that retains all the curves and character of natural logs. We don't use milled logs like many manufacturers do. We only use the real thing. Whether you want our natural log look or the hand hewn look, we can create your masterpiece. If you choose the hewn style, you can rest assured that the logs will actually be hewn by hand which we think helps retain more of the log's character. You won't find anything made out of giant pencils at Sunny Shadows.
From the hand picked logs, to the care taken in construction, you just won't find better quality authentic log furniture anywhere. Just take a look at the above picture of the typical tenons on our furniture. Most manufacturers use tennon cutters that leave the log with a milled pencil sharpener look. At Sunny Shadows we cut our tennons with self designed tools that allow the tennon to have a real hand-carved appearance. Notice how the log on the right appears to have been knife carved instead of milled. It is just another way that we can guaranty your log products will have the most authentic hand made look possible.